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Were You Injured in a Marine Vessel Accident?

If you were injured out at sea, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important for you to retain legal counsel during this time. Under the Jones Act, seamen can be compensated for any illness or personal injury sustained due to negligence during the course of their employment on a vessel that operates in water. If you think you are entitled to compensation, speak with us now.

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• Dredges

• Fishing vessels

• Jack-up rigs

• Crew boats

• Supply boats

• And more


We offer FREE consultations to discuss your case and our legal strategy.

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When you have been injured offshore on a marine vessel, give us a call. We offer FREE consultations for all clients. We are ready to step into the courtroom and fight for your compensation.

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Our team of attorneys are experienced in marine vessel injuries and accidents. We know how to handle the big companies and insurance agents. Place your trust in us and you won't regret it.

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